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  Futures markets involve substantial risk and are not suitable for everyone. 
The Flash Crash of 2010
  In May of 2010, the S&P dropped 100 points in 20 minutes.  And then rocketed straight back up.
  This is why 90% of all futures traders lose their shirts. 
  Frantic overtrading. 
  And lack of discipline.
  Does this describe you?  You're not alone - millions of traders bite the dust every year trying to catch every little tick.
   But it's all about to change for you!
  How will it happen? By stepping outside the frantic day-trading zone into the cool and calm zone of sophisticated 'Position' trading.   
  Here's how it works.    
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  Just a well-timed Buy, Sell, or Neutral.
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'SAM' vs. S&P

SAM stands for Sentiment and Momentum. 
Mix these two potent indicators together, and you have Doc's winning formula for crushng the S&P 500 index futures and ETFs. 
It's a formula you won't find anywhere else on the web.
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